Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Essential Kit !

When you go on a long bike ride it's good to have a few basic things packed in a backpack.

1. A raincoat - the type that packs down very small is the best.
2. Water - at least 2 liters for a long ride.
3. Food - sandwiches and energy bars are the best to have with you.
4. A pump - take a good one with you, as the small mini pumps are a waste of time and money.
5. Tire levers if you need them.
6. Two small inner tubes.
7. A piece of medium emery paper about 3 inches long and an inch wide.
8. A cut up tube of Crest for pinch punctures or to use as a tire boot.
9. A card of linen thread and a carpet needle to repair torn tires.
10. A good chain splitter
11. At least two black pins. You should tape these to the inside lid of your puncture repair kit.
12. A set of allen keys and a screwdriver.
13. A first aid kit that including an elastic bandage.
14. A Spokey spoke key.
15. A felt tip pen that will show on inner tubes !
16. A mobile phone ( and some phone money in case your mobile is out of range ).


  1. Explanation for a couple of these would be nice.. What's the emery paper, black pins, and felt tip pen for?

    In any case, thanks for the list!

  2. you forgot a set of panniers/support vehicle to carry al of the items