Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cycling Shirts

Cycling shirts, or cycling jerseys, are special jerseys made for cycling and is one of the most important cycling gear along with cycling shorts, cycling caps, cycling gloves and cycling shoes. Many cyclists around the world wear casual clothing while cycling, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, active pants or shorts. However, professional cyclists and cyclists who are serious about this sports prefer specialized shirts made for cycling because of its advantages.

One of the biggest advantages of cycling jerseys is the comfort it provides to the cyclist. They aim to keep the cyclist cool and comfortable while cycling intensely, such as in a race. The material used in making these shirts draw moisture off the skin. Surprisingly, some wool jerseys are very-well made and comfortable. The feel, breathability, moisture control and wicking abilities of wool shirts make them favorites for some cyclists. Some polyester shirts that absorb moisture and dry quickly are also favored by cyclists. Synthetic shirts, on the other hand, create an uncomfortable feeling when they get wet or damp.

One of the main characteristics of cycling shirts are their long cuts in the back. The back of of biking shirts are cut long so that the cyclist can be comfortable in bent-over position. Some also have pockets. These pockets are located on the back. Zipper is another part of these shirts. A cyclist, when he is hot, opens up his jersey using this zipper so he can cool down. In order to decrease the air resistance, tight-fit shirts are preferred by serious cyclists. Cycling jerseys must be tight-fit but they must let your body breathe at the same time. They must be able to draw the sweat off a cyclist's skin. Lightweight, seamwork, comfort, sleek design and durability are some of the main factors that make a shirt a good one.

Most famous cycling shirts are the yellow jersey of the Tour de France and pink jersey of the Giro D'Italia. Sponsorship has a huge role in cycling so the shirts are usually covered with sponsor logos or carry the color of the sponsors. Customized shirts (also called custom cycling jerseys or specialized bike shirts) are also available for cyclists who desire to personalize their cycling gear.

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