Saturday, August 21, 2010

MyCycling - Review

OK, this is the last guide I investigated, and I've got to say, it's way ahead of what I've got from any other guides or books from the library etc. I love the internet, and these guys take proper advantage of it by providing downloadable videos, and support where you can ask an expert your questions. Training programs are provided too, that cover a rang of abilities from beginner to specific focuses. It's an A1 professional product/service.
My verdict:
Price: 5/5 stars ( it costs a bit more, but stacks better value )
Quality - 5/5 stars
Usfulness - 5/5 stars
Their website's stacks better than mine, so check out MyCycling Here

A Beginner Racing Cyclist Guide - Review

Probably not as good for me as the last review I wrote, because I tend to like hills a bit more than the roads, but still this one covers a lot of the things you need to know regarding fitness and and preparing your body and working out on a bike. It definitely helps to read up on cycling, rather than working it out yourself by trial and error ( a few bonus guides covering nutrition and looking after a bike are thrown in too ).
My verdict on this one:
Price - 3/5
Quality - 3/5
Usefulness - 3/5
Read more about The Beginner Racing Cyclist Guide Here

Master Mountain Biking Review

OK, so this is a good book. It covers the things you want to know from the basics of working out on a bike and keeping fit, up to the specialized skills of mountain biking. I live in the country and used to ride around fast through the bush when I was a kid, until I came off a bit too fast. This book covers things I should have known about, and is definitely worth a read.
There is quite a bit to read though, so it can be a bit dry if you're used to videos and getting the info in a more interactive way.
My verdict:
Price - 4/5 stars
Quality - 3/5 stars
Usefulness - 3/5 stars
Read more about How To Master Mountain Biking Here

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